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What you'll learn this post: There are five powerful reasons why this secret will help you in your job search efforts, regardless of what you're looking to do.

Most of your friends or family would object if you said you were starting your own business. Some excuses they would give are that it's risky, it's expensive, it's difficult, it's time consuming, and at the end of the day you would likely fail so why bother. And you know what, if you have no experience and you're doing it to try and pay the bills then there might be some truth to it. But that isn't the goal right now. The business doesn't have to make money for it to be worth your time. Your goals move up the career ladder faster, get better job offers, or get a raise and starting a business will help you do just that. Here are the five primary ways that starting a business will improve your career. The process will force you to build soft skills, hard skills, perspective, resume strength, and networking ability.

Soft skills

It takes a large amount of work to get a business started and even more to make it successful. It's not for the lazy, the unambitious, the soft, the timid, or distracted. To succeed you have to take initiative, you have to be creative, and you have to be dedicated. Now ask yourself what employer wouldn't want those qualities in their employees?

Arguably the most important skill in any business is the ability to sell. You have to sell yourself to potential partners or investors, but at the least you have to be able to sell the product itself. along with that you need to be able to negotiate prices and services with your clients or with vendors. your ability to show the value that you have and that your product has likewise your ability to show your value to your employer is essential To your Employment Security as well as your salary. imagine walking into a interview or speaking with your employer about your wage having extensive negotiating experience already and a keen ability to show case you are value?

quite possibly the second most valuable skill in starting a business is the ability to identify and solve problems. For the most part anyone can identify a problem but identify the cause or the source of that problem is much more difficult. After that problem is identified coming up with a solution that is not only effective but it's cost-effective is a challenge that every business struggles with on a day-to-day basis. the ability to identify a problem, it's cause, and come up with a solution is the key to improving any aspect of your life let alone your life at work or your career.

Hard skills

What is your business going to sell?. there needs to be a service or product and in the beginning you are the only one to provide it.whether that is designing a website, doing someone’s accounting, creating a program or getting a physical product created you will either have to acquire some hard skills or perfect the hard skills that you already have in order to beat out your competitors.

So what does all that work out to as an employee? It equates to being a better performer of your work tasks or his leads to other career opportunities with the other hard skills you developed.


When you go into work each day do you know what your employer thinks of you? Do you know what they need from you? When you go to a job interview do you know what the interviewer is looking for? Do you know the difficulties that they have trying to find the right employee? Do you know what it is like to have to let someone go? Especially when they have a family and other financial obligations?

But if you can't answer the questions above then you can't ever know for sure whether you are filling the need that is there. In your eyes you may fit all the requirements and he may be the competition but if that isn't clear and obvious to your employer or your future employer then it doesn't matter.

The typical individual who is looking for a job is only thinking about themselves and their needs. They only see things from their Point of view. But when you start a business, when you are running things and you are responsible for its success things change. When you hire one or two people and they don't fulfill your expectations you realize just what qualities are necessary and desirable in an employee.

An employee who has at one time been in the employer is much better than one who has no idea what it is like. Let alone the advantage of knowing how if future employer feels when you walk into the interview.

Resume strength

Having a solid resume can be a final point in getting a job depending on the type of job you looking for in the company that you're looking to work for. having some form of side business helps fill in The holes that most people encounter in their career life The holes that most people encounter in their career life. You quit a job you were laid off will you just got out of school and there are few months where you don't have anything we have been working you quit a job you were laid off will you just got out of school and there are few months where you have not been employed. That's where the side business comes in to fill the gap. To show that you have continued acquiring skills and maintaining your professional abilities.

Having a side business also shows that you are continuing to improve your skills, that you are continuing to learn. It shows that you understand to some degree how the employer feels and what he needs. It also forces you acquire important skills necessary in management and organizational decision-making. You are better prepared and a better candidate when positions higher up in the company become available.


A huge part of starting a business is the ability to make relationships. They may be relationships with partners suppliers or customers. and all of these add to the pool of people that like you and know your skills that you can turn to, potentially, when you are looking for employment in the future. They can also provide great references to back up your resume and your work experience and they can back up your personality and commitment and high-quality work. It's told that only around 30% of Job openings are listed publicly that one can search for and find an applied for. The remaining 70% are those that are available but not discussed publicly. The only way that you know about those jobs are if you knew somebody who has been made aware of them. That is usually an employee of the company who heard about it when the company asked for referrals to fill an open position.


The benefits of starting a business even if it is on the inside business, which for further then merely making money while potential he getting rich. If you have profound effects on your personal skills and abilities as well as your opportunities for employment or promotion in the future.You develop fantastic hard skills schedule soft skills, a broader perspective, stronger resume, and the solid network all in which you can rely to beat the competition and get the job you're looking for or need in the future.


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