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skip college-

make great money-

start your career now-



What is

YDN School

The goal YDN School is to get you into your career as fast as possible. From no skills to full employment in less than 1 year.


Unlike most colleges and universities:

  • YDN School isn't interested in stealing tens of thousands of your dollars.

  • YDN School isn't interested in wasting years of your life.

  • YDN School isn't interested in making you take dozens of unnecessary classes.

  • YDN School isn't interested in giving you pointless exercises or homework.


Instead, students of YDN School regularly make it into the career of their choice:

  • In under one year

  • At 1/50th the cost of the typical bachelors degree.

Who is


A 3.9 GPA student with a terminal illness, Patrick dropped out of the college system that left him overwhelmed, broke, and aimless.

Over the next 5 years he went on to succeed in multiple different careers, repeatedly beating college graduates to get each job he pursued.

In 2018 he founded You Don't Need School to share the skills he learned and help others jump straight into their career.

Some of the fields he has succeeded in include vfx, video editing, warehouse management, and website analysis.

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